Management Operations

The next-generation software, comprehensive, flexible and easy to use. It's designed and developed to support Gyms and Fitness centers of all sizes.

Management Operations

GymnaGo provides many features that allow management to take full control and provide an overview of what happens in their gym at any time. Our solution eliminates the need to use another system due to the availability of most related works in addition to the ability to customize it to make their business flexible and smooth.

Attendance Track

Gym Management can track members attendance and know how many members currently in the Gym; also, they can limit Gym capacity at any time to avoid having the gym crowded and to maintain the social distancing.

Dashboards & Analytics

GymnaGo dashboard is one of our best management tools that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of the Gym business at any selected time.


GymnaGo Reports module comes with numerous numbers of reports that cover all Gym operations; Most of the pages has a reports and data analytic option in which user can select the output file type. In addition to that, we can customize any type of reports to support your operations on very professional manner.

Fixed Assets

Managing the asset is an important factor for any business to avoid losing what's been paid. These asset needs to be recorded and have regular maintenance in order to keep them on good condition. Our asset management module handles the most important operations like adding asset, asset maintenance, managing suppliers and maintenance contracts.

Human Resources

The Gym can easily manage human resources related operations starting from entering employee details, tracking their attendance, Adding Employee shifts, employee portal, payroll, and more …

Inventory Management

You can add and track inventory by branch, record all product details, isolate expired products automatically, manage the process of sales and offers, and make periodic reports on stock status.

User Privileges

GymnaGo is fully secured by controlling user access on every unit. System admin can assign users for single pages with different authority which provide strong security option to any Gym. We used encryption methods to eliminate any security threat.

Audit Logs

GymnaGo creates audit logs to maintain a strong security posture. Any operation performed by users is recorded with all its details, for example "who" did an activity "what", "how" and "when". This unit is very important to help Gym management track any situation in a fast and accurate way.

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